Transform existing phase dimmable light fittings to WIFI controllable by wiring the ROBUS RX CONNECT WIFI Dimmer to up to 200W of them. If you recently replaced the light fittings in your home and would prefer not to replace all with new WIFI Controllable downlights/lamps this is the perfect alternative option.


    • Smart device enabled Wi-Fi dimmer, works with iOS and Android via the ROBUS CONNECT App
    • Connects with Amazon Alexa and Google Home via Wi-Fi with no need for a hub
    • Compatible with a wide range of phase dimmable fittings, up to a maximum LED load of 200W
    • Includes push-to-dim function via a retractive switch
    • Minimum LED load of 3W
    • Wide ambient operating temperature range of -20øC to +40øC


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