PULSE Connect

This RGB, Warm or Neutral white 5 metre LED strip kit with super-bright LED’s provides a wonderful eye-catching solution for bespoke indoor lighting effects. The energy efficient, technologically advanced design and slim profile, enables it to be fitted in small or difficult situations using the integral 3M tape. Enhanced functionality and control can be achieved using the optional Wi-Fi controllers and Robus Connect Smart phone App.


    • It comes as a complete kit with all component parts pre-wired with plug and play connectors to aid connectivity and fast and simple installation. Nothing else is required and no tools are needed to install
    • The kit includes 5 metres cuttable RGB, Warm or Neutral white flexi-strip with integral 3M adhesive tape and clips so is easy to fix to most surfaces
    • The RGB kit includes a pre-programmed controller with hand-held Infra-red remote control. This allows up to 24 modes to be selected including, primary and secondary colours, and a range of colour changing, scrolling or flashing scenarios. It also allows speed and brightness to be set with a simple press of a button. No programming or setup is required
    • A 36W regulated 12 VDC constant voltage driver is included with all kits to ensure the strip receives the correct constant voltage for long life
    • There is also a Wi-Fi controller accessory available for both white and RGB kits which allows control via a Smart phone installed with the Robus Connect App. This also provides remote access and control via the mobiles data or Wi-Fi connection
    • Once paired with the Robus App, the strip can also be controlled by voice through Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant
    • Cut points are marked every 100mm and 3 LEDs to ensure the strip is cut at the correct point
    • High quality high brightness LED's combined with stable voltage and current control, optimise LED life to a rated 30,000 hours whilst providing a very low power consumption and efficient system
    • Flexi-strip is cool running with no ultra-violet or infra-red in the light beam so will not burn if touched by children or elderly. It will not fade or discolour objects, sensitive materials or other displays being illuminated
    • LED is a Solid State light source so is rugged and will not fail due to knocks and vibrations as traditional light sources do
    • LED’s contain no mercury or other heavy metals so is environmentally friendly and simple to dispose of at end of life
    • A Robus 2-year warranty is included with no forms or internet registration required
    • It is a fit and forget product for many years of reliable operation and peace of mind

Application areas:

  • Restaurants, Bars & Clubs
  • Hotel/Office Receptions
  • Retail shops
  • Showrooms and exhibition stands
  • Stage lighting
  • Feature Illumination
  • Over / under wall cabinets
  • Under counter displays
  • Under stair nosing’s
  • Ceiling & Wall Features
  • Step lighting
  • Trough lighting
  • Window dressing


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