MORPH LED CCT3 Selectable

This new range of LED downlights joins the Robus Family of Colour Temperature Selectable fittings and allows the installer or end user to choose the Colour Temperature (CCT) depending on the installation lighting requirements. With a choice of three selectable CCT’s and opal diffuser they provide a low glare, uniform and shadow free light.


    • White powder coated finish
    • Slim, finned, die-cast Aluminium body
    • Wide flange Aluminium trim with recessed polycarbonate diffuser
    • Extra wide extension trim accessory
    • Independent 850-degree glow-wire tested
    • Complete LED downlight kit comprising the following:
      • Downlight with strong spring steel clips and PVA pads
      • In-line switch for selecting 4,000K, 5,000K or 6,500K colour temperatures
      • Constant current dimmable driver for C-Bus and other Triac leading edge dimmers (List on website)
      • Quick connect driver to downlight 2-pin connector with threaded coupling feature
      • Mains side pre-wired with 1m of flex and AU plugtop
    • Utilises excellent quality LM80 tested SMD LED’s with:
      • High luminous flux
      • Low power consumption
      • High efficacy and long life
    • Solid state technology


    • Attractive aesthetics and will match most décors
    • Aids installation in narrow ceiling voids particularly where there are other services such as air conditioning ducting, pipes and cable tray
    • Provides good heat dissipation for cooler LED operating temperatures to promote long life
    • IK08 impact rated - Strong and durable and will not damage easily
    • Will cover existing or poorly cut holes
    • Reduces glare and provides excellent light uniformity
    • Covers badly cut or existing cut-outs for a neat finish
    • Provides additional safety for building users in the event of a fire
    • Everything is included in one box with nothing else required
    • Neat installation flush to ceiling without damage to surface
    • Colour temperature can be selected on completion, insitu for best light colour to suit the task area and décor of the lit space
    • It can be changed quickly and simply if décor or use of the area is changed in the future
    • Provides functional dimming to compliment natural light
    • Saves even more energy when dimmed
    • Great as a retrofit solution with existing dimmer switches
    • Allows fast, simple & reliable connection
    • No specialist electrician required, saving on installation costs
    • Provides comparable light output to a range of MH downlights
      • A one-for-one replacement so no extra power points to install
      • Provides excellent energy savings with fast payback
      • Very efficient with a rated LED life of 30,000 hours
      • No annoying dark areas where traditional lamps have failed
    • Emits very little heat – reducing air conditioning costs
    • Compatible with PIR, photocell & microwave switching
    • “Instant on” to ensure instant visibility
    • Rugged with no filaments to prematurely fail due to building vibration or hot/cold ambient temperature cycles

Application areas:

  • Bars and clubs
  • Reception areas
  • Offices & Corridors
  • Retail sales areas
  • Showrooms
  • Exhibition podiums


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