Internal Sensor

High energy costs and the need to reduce CO2 emissions make lighting control one of the most important factors to consider in our lighting installations. It is also one of the easiest energy saving measures to implement. These attractive and functional detectors help to achieve these goals by switching our lighting off automatically when it is not required and switching it on when it is needed. A choice of conventional Passive Infrared technology, ideal for movement detection, or Microwave technology for presence detection, combined with Photo-electric control ensures that the minimum amount of energy is used and thereby reduces the buildings Carbon Footprint.


    • Slim white Polycarbonate body
    • Available with either PIR or Microwave technology
    • 360° detection
    • Large sensing zone
    • Adjustable time delay off with 10 second walk test
    • Adjustable 3 to 2000 photocell lux level setting
    • 2000W Incandescent, 1000W fluorescent, 1000W LED load rating
    • Removable front plate to access cable termination area and set-up adjustment
    • Double side and rear cable entry breakout points
    • Elongated fixing holes
    • Terminal block with L & N in and switched L and N out
    • 5 year warranty


    • Great aesthetics and will match most indoor decors
    • Robust providing an Impact Rating of IK10, the highest rating
    • Not easily damaged during installation or normal operation
    • PIR provides reliable motion detection without false triggering issues
    • Microwave provides ultra-sensitive presence detection which can be trimmed to ensure only a set zone is monitored
    • Reliable detection ensures lighting is switched on and off appropriately thereby making huge electricity savings  No false triggering of PIR or Microwave due to sensitivity setting, reducing wasted energy
    • Quick setup with fast reset walk test to ensure correct sensing zone
    • Guarantee energy saving by switching off after delay
    • Additional energy costs are realised by inhibiting the lighting when natural light is sufficient
    • High load rating for switching multiple lights in an area
    • Ideal when paralleling multiple zone light fittings to switch on
    • Makes electrical termination and mounting of the fitting fast and simple
    • Suitable for surface or concealed cable infrastructure
    • Provides easy vertical and horizontal mounting alignment
    • Aids loop in/out connection of lighting/parallel sensors
    • Provides a neutral terminal for incoming and outgoing conductors
    • A quality, energy saving, long life product with no warranty form filling or internet registration required

Application areas:

  • Gardens
  • Decking areas
  • Patios
  • Paths & walkways
  • Parking areas
  • Loading bays
  • Stairways
  • Passages
  • Driveways
  • Corridors
  • Corner mounting in larger rooms


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