This attractive high quality wall pack utilises the latest energy efficient Chip on Board LED’s to provide tremendous light output whilst using minimum electricity and is maintenance free. Energy savings are further optimised using microwave or photocell versions Huge savings can be made compared to traditional light sources which use high‑pressure sodium, metal halide (MH), or incandescent lamps.


    • Robus 3 Year Warranty
    • Range available in 35W or 50W Standard, Integral Photocell and integral microwave and emergency versions
    • Photocell version with adjustable lux switching point
    • Multi-function microwave sensor version has:
      • Adjustable 8m sensitivity range when mounted at 3.5m
      • Time delay 10s to 12m
      • Adjustable lux level 3 to 2000lx
    • High quality COB LED provides:
    • Bright light output - Low power consumption - Long life
    • Cool white light colour with high CRI


    • Standard fitting provides security lighting with microwave or photocell switching, saving time and difficulty of wiring external sensors
    • Three additional fittings can be slaved or parallel wired  Provides emergency lighting for safe traverse on power failure
    • Suitable for security lighting as always on during specified light levels
    • Enables additional energy savings to be made when people are not in the area
    • Ensures lighting is off when not required
    • Area of required operation can be adjusted
    • Greater output than 80W or 50W of metal halide so a one for one replacement
    • Saves around 40% energy compared to traditional light sources

Wall‑packs are widely used to provide perimeter, accent, amenity and security lighting in:

  • Indoor parking areas
  • Tunnels
  • Walkways
  • Building entrances
  • Loading bays
  • Recreational areas
  • Fire assembly points


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