Internal PIRS

This superb range of 360deg IP20 Passive Infra-Red detectors are designed using the latest electronic integrated chips to provide reliable, accurate detection to ensure that lighting is switched on only when required, but more importantly, switched off when the area is vacated to make much sought after energy savings.


    • 5-year warranty
    • White polycarbonate IP20 360deg
    • High quality sensor head and lens ensures detection of occupancy and motion in respective areas
    • Easily accessible time and lux potentiometers
    • Large terminals suitable for 2 conductors in each


    • Strong and durable material that won’t discolour over time
    • Allows bespoke asymmetric detection area to be set
    • Saves on energy costs by inhibiting the lighting switching on when it is light enough
    • Able to switch up to 30 x 10W LED downlights or 9 x 32W LED panels
    • A quality, energy saving, long life product with no warranty form filling or internet registration required

Application Areas: 

  • Commercial offices
  • Corridors & Stairways
  • Workshops & Garages & Sheds
  • Kitchens
  • Basements. Back of house and Storage areas
  • Toilets & Cloakrooms
  • Apartment communal areas
  • Gallery or museum displays
  • Gardens, Patios & Decking areas
  • Parking areas, Driveways, Paths & Walkways
  • Loading bays
  • Corner mounting in larger rooms


Case Studies