It is a legal requirement to provide adequate emergency lighting and signage in our buildings. This non-maintained fitting will provide emergency lighting for large areas where there may be an assembly of people; ensuring exit points are well lit for safe evacuation. These fittings are suitable for use in industrial units, workshops, warehouses, showrooms, shops and stores, schools, gymnasiums, health centres, hospitals and churches.


    • 2 year guarantee
    • All polycarbonate construction
    • 2 LED spots with 110 degree tilt and 180 degree rotation
    • Fitted with prismatic diffusers
    • Carry/mounting handle
    • 3 x keyhole mounting holes in rear of body
    • 20mm2 conduit entry points on each side
    • 3 green status LED’s. One for each LED spot and one for battery


    • Provides ability to direct light into desired area
    • Maximises light transmission to illuminate the area
    • Ensures batteries are always in good condition and will power the LED’s for >2 hours in emergency
    • Light weight and can be carried for temporary lighting
    • Fast and simple fixing to mounding arm or walls
    • High specification, reliable, fast and simple conductor termination
    • Confidence that the product will provide long service life

Application Areas: 

  • Industrial units
  • Public buildings
  • Churches
  • Workshops
  • Hospitals
  • Shops and stores
  • Gymnasiums
  • Exhibition halls
  • Health Centres
  • Show rooms
  • Schools
  • Entertainment venues


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