This attractive new LED downlight has a number of superb features which make it an ideal lighting solution in Domestic, Retail, Entertainment or Commercial premises. Features include 4 colour temperature selection, optional recessed bezel, extension ring for retro-fit and shallow void installation enhancement.


    • The depth of the fitting is only 30mm which makes this an ideal choice where the void is shallow or is crowded with other services
    • The Slogan has a slim white bezel with wide flange which matches most existing ceiling décors and covers poorly cut holes
    • An optional bezel recesses the light source below the surface to provide a slightly different aesthetic whilst reducing glare
    • For retro-fit into larger ceiling cut-outs, an extension trim accessory increases the hole size coverage up to 160mm
    • It utilises an opal polycarbonate diffuser which provides a soft light for low glare whilst allowing maximum light output
    • Being pre-wired with 1m flex and plugtop makes installation fast and simple
    • The die-cast aluminium body provides maximum thermal conductivity for enhanced LED life
    • Strong nylon covered ceiling springs ensure the fitting is pulled up close to the ceiling with no unsightly gaps
    • Using solid state technology, the fitting     
      • Emits very little heat - reducing air conditioning costs
      • No warm-up or cool-down time to ensure instant visibility
      • Is rugged with no filament to prematurely fail due to knocks, building vibration or extreme temperature changes
      • Is compatible with PIR, photocell & microwave switching without compromise to LED life
    • The fitting is IC-4 rated so is suitable for covering with fibre insulation so ensures there are no cold spots in the void
    • The downlight utilises high quality SMD LED's for:         
      • High luminous flux to reduce the number of fittings used
      • Low power consumption and running costs
      • High efficacy to take advantage of efficacy incentives
      • Long life so no inconvenient lamp outs or change 
    • The fitting has a CCT selectable function using a 4 position switch on the rear. This provides a choice of warm, neutral, cool or daylight white light colour depending on the use of the lit space. It can also be changed in the future if the use of the lit space changes
    • With a dimmable driver the light level can be set depending on the use of the space. It can be set to a subtle low level ambience, or to full brightness for task or general lighting
    • It is also ideal as a retrofit solution with existing dimmer switches and systems
    • There is no Infrared or Ultra-violet in the light beam which means there is no heat to burn if touched by children and is ideal for displays as it will not fade or damage sensitive goods


  • Domestic dining, living, bathroom and bedroom spaces
  • Hotel & Office reception areas
  • Shops and other retail premises
  • Pubs, clubs and restaurants
  • Complimentary lighting in meeting or function rooms


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