This emergency blade light is specifically designed for an LED light source, rather than the traditional bulky body often adapted for LED, resulting in this attractive and slim recessed emergency fitting. It has a long rated LED life and uses the latest energy efficient LED’s to contribute to substantial energy savings which reduces the carbon footprint of our buildings.


    • Utilising the latest LiFePo4 battery technology means that this great new fitting is fast charge for shorter commissioning time and is slow discharge when not connected to mains. It also has a high number of charge/discharge cycles which means the batteries last many times longer than traditional types with a long emergency light output to easily comply with AS2293
    • The fitting is pre-wired with a standard plug-top so is a simple connection to the mains for a fast, low cost installation
    • It has a powder coated steel main body with strong double ceiling clips which pulls the main body flush to the ceiling and provides a neat, recessed, aesthetically pleasing fitting
    • The fitting comes with a full range of legends which are simply attached to the blade to give easily seen bold exit direction signage and maximum viewing distance 
    • The Drury has a viewing distance of 24m so complies with AS2293 for emergency signage
    • A removable side plate allows fast and simple blade and legend installation • It is a maintained fitting so always shows the direction of exit routes
    • A symbol on the face of the fitting makes it easy to identify that it is an emergency fitting
    • The fitting uses minimal power, ≈ 3 watts, so reduces battery drain for longer operation and provides an energy efficient, low CO2 installation
    • The fitting is equipped with a green LED which shows the mains supply is OK and charging
    • A yellow status LED provides visual indication of either:
      • No fault when extinguished
      • Slow flash signifying a test is being or has been carried out
      • Fast flash which means there is a battery connection fault or failure to last the required time
    • It also has a test button which allows for additional manual test outside of the automatic regime
    • High quality independently tested LM80 & TM21 LED’s ensure the fitting will provide long life with low light depreciation over time
    • High lumen output also reduces the quantity of fittings needed to comply with maximum viewing distance requirements of the regulations
    • Integral automatic self-test functionality provides regular 15s monthly and 90m, 6 monthly test routines to comply with the emergency lighting regulations AS2293. This reduces the costs associated with hiring R&M companies to do the testing and also reduces the on-site wiring time and costs


  • Offices
  • Public buildings
  • Hotels, bars and clubs, restaurants
  • Schools
  • Health centres, hospitals
  • Retail premises


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