For use in Domestic or Commercial buildings, our new decorative IP44 Lustre is available in standard and ultra-slim profiles. With a selectable wattage of 18W or 24W power outputs and CCT3 selectable between 3000K, 4000K and 6500K, your lumen package can be fully tailored to suit any application. Dimmable as standard to deliver excellent functionality and energy saving solutions to replace traditional fluorescent. An optional microwave sensor accessory is also available to maximise energy savings.


    • The Lustre is available in standard, and ultra-slim depths being particularly suited to low ceiling areas so provides either a bold or sleek aesthetic to the area
    • The high impact twist and lock UV stabilised opal PMMA diffuser allows simple access to the connection area and reduces glare whilst allowing the maximum transmission of uniformly distributed light into the lit space
    • It has a pressed, rolled steel base for strength and mounting rigidity and provides excellent thermal conductivity to aid driver and LED longevity
    • There are a number of pre-punched mounting holes around the base for easy fixing with a cable entry with silicone grommet available in the centre of the fitting making fitting alignment simple
    • A cable clamp for two cables and terminal block with large screw terminals provides traditional reliable termination for loop in and out to other fittings
    • The fitting has a wide ambient operating temperature range so is ideal for environments with extremes of temperature
    • The fitting also has an Ingress Protection of IP44 which extends its application to areas with light water spray
    • The Lustre utilises the latest LED dimming technology for use with phase-cut dimmer switches which allows for a smooth dimming action and setting of the ambient light level
      (See compatibility list)
    • Effectively provides a choice of 6 fittings in one, the driver also has two selector switches:
      • One for selecting a choice of power and light output for lower lit areas such as corridors or larger open-plan areas to reduce the number of fittings needed
      • The other for selecting either warm neutral or daylight colour temperatures
        These allow the best light output and most appropriate colour temperature to be selected for the use of the lit space
    • High quality, long life, surface mount SMD LED’s are mounted on a circular PCB gear tray to provide:
      • High light output, low power consumption and high efficacy for large energy savings with short payback periods
      • Low lumen & CCT depreciation for consistent light and colour over life
      • A Rated LED life of 30,000 hours without annoying and often inconvenient lamp changes
    • The Lustre LED’s are Solid State with no heat filaments, electrodes or seals and have no cool down or warm up time so:
      • Are rugged – will not fail through vibration or hot to cold temperature changes for huge maintenance cost savings
      • Can be used in conjunction with presence detectors to provide “instant on/off” for additional energy savings without detriment to LED life as is the case with traditional light sources
      • They can be operated 24/7 such as in care homes

Application Areas: 

  • Apartments & Communal areas
  • Bathrooms, Robes & Rest rooms
  • Public Buildings
  • Shops
  • Hotels, pubs & restaurants
  • Care homes
  • Stairwells
  • Corridors
  • Waiting rooms


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