VIVA Exit Box

This aesthetically pleasing LED exit box will satisfy the legal requirement to provide adequate emergency signage in our buildings. For all building types these fittings can be surface mounted on walls or ceilings. They combine the latest SMD LED and electronic driver technology to provide functional, energy efficient fittings. The fitting can be wired in maintained or non-maintained mode and can be switched by photocell if required to save energy while natural light is available.


    • Aesthetically pleasing design finished in white
    • Polycarbonate construction
    • Multi-fixing points
    • Special legend to body fixing design with 4 large clear through route and left/right running man legends
    • Spare legend set available R4EMVLEDG
    • Push connection base to body fixing with 4 large incoming terminals and single base to body retaining screw
    • 20mm gland entry cut-out in base plate
    • Utilises high quality long life surface mount LED’s which:
      • Emit excellent light output with low lumen depreciation
      • Uses less than 4 watts of power
      • Provide an average rated LED life of 30,000 hours
    • C/w Ni-MH rechargeable battery pack with green “charging” status LED and manual push to test button
    • Robus 2-year warranty


    • Looks attractive compared to traditional box type fittings
    • Strong and durable
    • Provide option of wall or ceiling mounting
    • Fast fit legend fixing without glues which may harbour germs (MRSA) 
    • Looks attractive with no air bubbles
    • Provides alternatives for emergency exit route direction visible from over 24m
    • Provides fast and simple access to termination area
    • Can be wired maintained or non-maintained
    • Allows first fix electrical connection to base with large CSA conductors
    • Second fix body to base after decoration etc with no damage to, or cleaning of main fitting
    • Industry standard gland or grommet cable entry point
    • Compared to T8 fluorescent:
      • Comparable light output so is a one for one replacement
      • Makes energy savings of over 50%
      • No maintenance cost for replacement tubes through life
    • Provides 2 hour emergency operation
    • Indicates when mains power is charging the unit
    • Allows manual test to ensure LED’s and battery are functioning
    • Confidence in a quality long life product with no forms or internet registration required

Application areas: • Offices • Entertainment Venues • Shops and stores • Health Centres • Hospitals • Schools • Hotels • Bars & Restaurants


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