DUKE LED Batten - Emergency

This conventionally designed batten provides a strong and robust lighting solution whilst integrating the latest LED and driver technology to provide an energy efficient and long life alternative to traditional light sources. A unique integral microwave sensor option combined with dual power driver provides additional savings to reduce the buildings carbon footprint.

What is dual power functionality and how does it work? See benefits below.

  • Dual power functionality drives the LED’s at 100% (full light output) when the MW sensor detects movement above 50lx
  • After a no detection hold time, the drive current is reduced to a selectable dimmed level for a standby time before turning off
  • Standby time can be infinity, so light always remains on at reduced level


    • Wire guard available for 20W & 40W versions
    • Choice of available options for 40W version:
      • Emergency with 3 hours light output
      • Dual Power with integral microwave sensor with optional programmer
    • Housing manufactured from powder coated pressed steel with polycarbonate end caps
    • Tested to IK08
    • Opal polycarbonate diffuser
    • Utilises high quality LM80 and TM21 tested, 4,000K Hangke or 6,500K Shenzhen XUYU optoelectrics SMD LED’s for:
      • High lumen output
      • Low power consumption
      • Rated LED life of 50,000 hours
    • Solid state technology
      • No heat filaments, electrodes or seals
      • No cool down or warm up time
    • Double, elongated keyhole mounting slots for fast and simple installation
    • Large terminals
    • LED main body to mounting base nylon support straps allow 2 hands free for connection


    • Provides additional protection if used in sports halls or other areas where it may be accidentally damaged
    • Delivers:
      • Light on mains failure to safely traverse the building
      • Provides short term or permanent background lighting whilst reducing energy costs when area unoccupied
      • Ideal for Nyctophobia or Agoraphobia sufferers accessing communal routes
      • Extended functionality achieved with remote control/programmer
    • Strong, durable and robust, long life product
    • Provides:
      • A uniform light spread with no dark areas
      • Anti-glare for enhanced eye comfort
    • Delivers a neutral or daylight white light with:
      • Comparable light output to fluorescent T8
      • Superb efficacy greater than existing or future requirements
      • Low maintenance, with no lamp changes throughout life as there is with fluorescent
    • Rugged – will not fail through vibration or hot to cold temperature changes for huge maintenance cost savings
    • Has a wide ambient operating temperature range
    • Can be used in conjunction with presence detectors to provide “instant on/off” for additional energy savings without detriment to LED life as is the case with traditional light sources
    • Can be operated 24/7
    • Loop in/out for multiple conductors

Application areas:

  • Offices
  • Corridors & Stairways
  • Kitchen and rest areas
  • Stationary & print rooms
  • Retail shops
  • Health centres
  • Work stations
  • Hotels
  • Schools


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