SCOUT LED Wall Lights

These super looking LED floodlights provide energy and maintenance cost savings primarily for outdoor, but also some indoor applications. Standard and PIR versions ensure that energy is not wasted, with light available when required. Manufactured from polycarbonate they will never rust and will look “as new” with a simple wipe over.


    • Single or twin spot design with horizontal and vertical adjustment
    • Standard or fitted with horizontal and vertically adjustable 180-degree PIR with:
      • Sensitivity, time-off delay and light switching level adjusters on the underside of the PIR
      • Manual over-ride
    • Manufactured from high quality self-coloured black or white polycarbonate with tempered glass spot lenses
    • Utilises high quality Sunpu 6,000K COB LED with:
      • High luminous flux
      • Low power consumption
      • High efficacy
      • Long LED life
    • Solid state technology
      • No heat filaments, electrodes or seals
      • No cool down or warm up time
    • Ingress protection of IP44
    • Front housing has two easily accessible fixings to base plate


    • Suitable for small or medium area flood lighting
    • Spots can be directed to where the light is required
    • Easily accessible adjusters
    • Time, lux and sensitivity adjustments provide additional energy savings
    • Functionality is enhanced if used for highlighting displays indoors where lighting is only needed when people are there
    • Temporarily over-rides time delay to provide continuous light
    • Resets to automatic after 8 hours so energy is not wasted
    • No maintenance throughout life
    • Will retain its “new condition” look for years
    • Strong and durable and less susceptible to damage
    • Excellent high brightness light output comparable to high power consumption Tungsten Halogen or Metal Halide whilst making energy savings of >80%
    • Provides very low running costs
    • Reduces carbon emissions and building carbon footprint
    • Long life of 30,000 hours with no costly lamp replacements or other maintenance costs
    • Rugged – will not fail through vibration or hot to cold temperature changes for huge maintenance cost savings
    • Can be used in conjunction with presence detectors to provide “instant” on or off for additional energy savings
    • Short time switching is not detrimental to LED life as it is with traditional light sources
    • Suitable for installation outdoors
    • Provides fast & easy access for installation and termination

Application areas: • Building entrance areas • Garages & Workshops • Loading & Outside storage areas • Show room features & Exhibition stands • Patio & Decking areas • Garden features • Drives & Paths • Sign illumination


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