LED Garden Spikes / Spotlights

This IP65 rated fitting utilises the latest energy efficient high power LED technology combined with very high quality materials to produce a multi-application product suitable for wall or spike mounting options indoor or outdoor. Used in domestic, commercial, retail, bars, restaurants, leisure and hotels. 


    • Robus 2 Year Warranty
    • 2 in 1 features
    • Wall bracket with predrilled hole
    • Garden Spike
    • No UV
    • Die-cast aluminium body
    • Toughened glass


    • One product can be used for various applications
    • Easy mounting and provides vertical adjustment
    • Allow rotation and vertical adjustment
    • Very energy efficient with low running costs
    • Warm colour light
    • Will not burn, damage or fade leaves, flowers or sensitive displays
    • A quality energy efficient long life product
    • Fit and forget – peace of mind

Application Areas: ● Plants ● Shrubs ● Trees ● Walls ● Paths ● Walkways ● Decking ● Statues ● Ponds and fountains ● Entertainment venues ● Garden features ● Indoor or outdoor feature displays


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