LED Dimmers

These electronic dimmer modules are suitable for fitting to many existing plate switches and are suitable for most trailing edge dimmable loads but are particularly optimised for LED’s to provide smooth reliable dimming. The LoadPro dimmers are one of only a few electronic trailing edge dimmers that solves the industry wide LED and dimmer compatibility issue to provide a delicate smooth dimming action without steps, flicker or jumps in light output. Additionally these dimmer can be used in 2 way configuration with a traditional 2 way switch.


    • Available in:
    • 133/200W and 300/450W modules with push on/off, rotary dim
    • 350W with push button on/off/dim
    • Suitable for operation with 2 way switches (R350DTP – one way)
    • Suitable for use with electronic dimmable transformers, CFL, resistive loads such as Halogen and optimised for LED
    • UD dimmer has min load pot on the side of the body
    • DTP min load is set electronically with push button operation
    • Low minimum LED load of only 1 or 3 watts
    • High maximum LED load of up to 350 watts
    • Phase cut trailing edge dimming
    • Soft start
    • Overload protection
    • R350DTP has blue “ON” LED indicator in push button head
    • Fits into standard patress, dry-line and metal back boxes
    • Gimped terminal screws
    • Robus 5 year warranty


    • Range of high wattage dimmers useful for LED, Halogen or GLS
    • Choice of push button or rotary dimming operation
    • Push button operation may be more suited to people with restricted use of fingers
    • Allows choice of plate type to be used – decorative or minimalist
    • Compatible with conventional dimming/switching scenarios
    • Allows lighting to be switched from 2 access points in a room
    • Is suitable for dimming most modern resistive and inductive load lighting, particularly dimmable LED lamps and drivers
    • Push button allows min and max light level optimisation to be carried out without taking the plate off the wall
    • Provides non-flicker low/high light level
    • Ideal for small numbers of LED lamps
    • Allows larger LED circuits to be controlled by the same dimmer, also mains/LV Halogen or GLS
    • Compared to Triac leading edge dimming
      • No noise
      • Less waveform overshoot for smooth and accurate light level control
      • Less flicker
      • No stepping
    • Limits the current and voltage on start up so extends driver and LED life
    • In the event of overloading the dimmer, it shuts down for safety
    • Identifies if the light fitting is on or should be on – fault finding
    • Existing dimmer back boxes can be utilised
    • Screws will not come out and get lost when fully unscrewed
    • Confidence in a quality long life product with no forms or internet registration required

Application areas: • Dining room and lounge • Meeting room’s • Restaurants • Bars • Bedrooms • Break-out areas


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