HARBOUR LED Corrosion Proof

The ROBUS HARBOUR Corrosion Proof fittings consist of a high quality tridonic constant current driver which ensures optimum LED preformance, life and reliability. Each fitting contains a gear tray, fixings and plug & play connectors allowing the plug-in emergency pack with LiFePO4 to be fitted in seconds. This LiFePO4 battery technology means they will have prolonged emergency duration and extended discharge/charge cycles. 


    • Suitable for workshops, garages, warehouses, car parks, farm buildings, wet areas
    • Equipped with plug and play connectors allowing the plug-in emergency pack to be fitted in seconds 
    • Emergency pack with LiFePO4 battery technology
    • The base also has a number of reinforced glanding points in the base to aid gland or conduit entry
    • Manufactured from high impact polycarbonate for strength and durability 
    • Emergency version complies with AS2293.3
    • RHA4012CCT3E-24 comes with emergency pack pre-installed


  • Grey coloured polycarbonate body
  • Opal polycarbonate diffuser
  • Polycarbonate clips
  • Metal gear tray


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