This high quality bulkhead now looks even more attractive with updated aesthetics. It utilises the latest energy efficient Surface Mount Diode technology to provide tremendous light output whilst using minimum electricity. Being IP65 rated it is ideal for outdoor lighting but also has many indoor applications in domestic, commercial or retail installation areas.


    • Choice of white, black or grey trim in standard, emergency and integral microwave sensor versions with 8s to 12m time delay and daylight to night lux level switching
    • Cross and eyelid trim accessories available separately
    • Opal diffuser manufactured from high impact polycarbonate with stainless steel Allen head trim fixing screws
    • Faceted LED tray with twist and lock function to access connection area
    • The fitting has 30 high quality, 4,000 Kelvin SMD (surface mount diode) LED’s mounted on a steel heat sink plate
    • Solid state technology
    • High specification driver with thermal & short circuit protection
    • Base provides:
      • Moulded cable entry hole with rubber grommet
      • 4 moulded fixing screw points
      • Surface cable entry points
      • Large terminal block
    • No Infra Red or Ultra Violet content


    • Choice of aesthetics for most installation designs
    • Easy to add energy saving controls without extra wiring provides:
      • Adjustable time delay (8s – 12m) when mounted at 2.5m
      • Selectable lux switching level (2 – 200lx)
    • Maximises light output with low glare
    • Strong and vandal resistant
    • Ensures uniform light output without dark or bright spots
    • Fast and simple access for cable connection
    • These energy efficient SMD LED’s contribute provide
    • Amazing light output in neutral white light colour
    • Low power consumption of only 14W saving >60% against FL
    • A rated LED life of 50,000hrs when combined with efficient heat management so no maintenance or lamp changes through life
    • No filaments to break or electrode seals to fail which is often a cause of many traditional light source failures – so provides very long life
    • Suitable for external PIR, microwave, photocell or time clock control
    • Rugged and less susceptible to failure through knocks and vibration
    • Ensures the LED’s receive a stable current for optimum performance and long life of LED’s and driver
    • Fast and simple cable entry and termination for 2 x 1.5mm2 conductors per terminal
    • Will not damage heat sensitive objects
    • A safe, cool to touch light source
    • No fading effect on foliage or fabrics
    • Most flying insects not attracted to the light

Aplication areas: 

  • Covered walkways 
  • Patios 
  • Decking areas 
  • House path and driveways 
  • Public toilets 
  • Changing rooms 
  • Back of house areas 
  • Apartment stairs & corridors


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