LOGAN CCT3 Dimmable LED Downlight

This high lumen package downlight replaces traditional LV Halogen, PAR or mains voltage halogen GLS lamps of 70W to 75W as a one for one lumen replacement whilst only consuming 12W of power. Additional versatility is provided by the Colour Temperature Switch which enables warm, neutral or daylight white light colour to be selected.


    • Manufactured from matt white finish powder coated die-cast aluminium with integrated heat sink fins moulding into body
    • Recessed PMMA opal diffuser
    • Uses high quality Nationstar SMD LED’s
    • Dimmable driver as standard
    • Colour temperature selector switch on back of fitting
    • Warm white, Neutral white and Daylight white CCT’s available
    • Solid state technology allows switching by PIR, Microwave or Photocell
    • No warm-up time for “Instant On”
    • Wide ambient operating temperature range of -20°C to +40°C
    • Pre-wired AU plugtop and 550mm mains flex to driver
    • Pre-wired male/female connector from driver to fitting


    • Attractive aesthetic to match or contrast most décor colours
    • Inherent heat dissipation properties assist cooler LED operation for longer life
    • Provides a wide beam angle for optimum light distribution
    • Low glare for reduced eye discomfort
    • Provides consistent light output over life • Very low power consumption for high efficacy to comply with current and future requirements
    • Comparable to 70W to 75W of LV or mains voltage Halogen GLS
    • Long LED rated life with no lamp replacement maintenance costs
    • Manual or automatic dimming can be achieved with additional scene setting functionality with appropriate C-Bus systems
    • Compatible with many Triac dimmer switches (Compatibility list downloadable from Robus website)
    • Colour temperature can be chosen after decoration and furnishing
    • CCT can be changed if the use of the space changes in the future
    • Additional energy savings can be achieved to further reduce carbon emissions
    • Lights turns on immediately providing a safer lighting solution
    • Ideal where the environment has extremes of day/night temperature
    • Fast and simple mains supply connection
    • No specialist and costly skilled labour required
    • Fitting can be fitted at a later stage of the install or subsequently removed for easy re-decoration

Application areas: • Meeting rooms • Retail shops • Reception areas • All rooms in the home • Toilets and changing rooms • Bars and restaurants • Hotels


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