STORM LED Stadium Light

These high wattage, IP65 Stadium fittings provide fantastic lighting solutions for all large area lighting requirements indoors and outdoors from small tennis courts, to national size football stadiums. Efficiency is key at these high wattages so to this end LED and driver design efficiency has been optimised to provide efficacies of up to 145 luminaire lumens/circuit watts using high quality Samsung SMD LED chips and the Philips 1 – 10V dimmable driver.



    • Available in three lumen options with bespoke beam angles for each, there is a full range available for small, medium or large space lighting
    • The standard 470W version RSR47050-04 is available ex-stock for immediate dispatch with all other versions available on a 12 week lead time from order placement
    • Manufactured from a combination of lightweight Powder coated die cast Aluminium and Stainless Steel, these fittings are strong and durable having an IK08 impact rating
    • Installation and alignment is made simple and accurate with a sturdy mounting bracket which has multiple holes for fixing, whilst the LED modules are adjustable:
      • As a whole on the horizontal mounting bar by up to 900 in 60 increments
      • Individually by up to 300 allowing larger area coverage by a single fitting
    • The higher wattage versions have a choice of narrow beam options to provide “long reach” lighting to the centre of larger spaces from the perimeter whilst the lower lumen output version has a wide flood beam for smaller area lighting
    • The LED modules are covered with 4mm tempered glass to make cleaning fast and easy and prevent the PC lenses from yellowing or being damaged by balls, birds or stones
    • The driver enclosure on the rear of the fitting can also be remotely mounted, up to 30m, as pictured above for ease of access and maintenance. It also has an IP66 rated terminal enclosure for mains supply, sensor, driver and LED module connection
    • The high quality, long life, Philips 1-10VDC dimmable constant current driver provides standard on/off switching or, linked to a sensor, 3-step dimming or daylight harvesting when full light output is not required at dusk or dawn DALI system dimmable drivers are also available by request
    • The driver also has a wide range input which overcomes issues associated with voltage “brownouts” either unintentional, or planned as a method to reduce energy cost and load on the grid
    • The light source utilises LM80 & TM21 independently tested SMD LED’s for
      • Exceptional light output to replace MH “one for one”
      • Low power consumption for >50% energy savings
      • Qualification for government high efficacy incentives
      • Up to 5 times longer life than MH, providing huge lamp change, labour & access equipment cost savings
    • Utilising Solid state technology means that the fitting:
      • Is rugged with no heat filaments or electrodes to prematurely fail due to vibration or hot to cold temperature variations
      • Can be switched by external microwave, PIR and/or photocell
      • Has no warm-up or cool-down time so can have short time delay switching for even greater energy savings
    • The Storm has a wide ambient temperature operating range so is ideal for indoor or outdoor installations where there may be a wide variation in day to night or seasonal environment temperatures


  • Football and Rugby pitches
  • Badminton, squash, basketball courts
  • Tennis courts
  • Car parks
  • Loading bays
  • Factory, warehouse and packing areas


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