BARON LED CCT3 Selectable Batten

This linear LED batten with its slim attractive design provides great aesthetics for any installation. It is simple to install and with efficacies of up to 120 luminaire lumens per circuit watt make welcome energy savings compared to traditional fluorescent to reduce CO2 emissions and the buildings carbon footprint. One of the special features of this LED batten is the fact that the tamper proof CCT selectable switch is hidden to keep the sleek design.


    • Available in 2 lengths and lumen packages
    • Low profile white powder coated extruded aluminium base
    • White polycarbonate end caps
    • Opal diffuser with integral linear prisms
    • Utilises high quality long life Sinotron Lighting surface mount diode LED technology:
      • Provides superb light output
      • Exceptionally low power consumption
      • Ensures lumen depreciation & CCT shift is minimised
      • Long rated LED life of 30,000 hours
      • High efficacy
    • Three colour temperature selectable
    • The CCT selectable switch is hidden to keep the sleek design and is tamper proof
    • Rugged solid-state lighting technology with no heat filaments or electrodes to fail
    • Wide operating temperature range
    • Removable end caps held in place by single screws and matching white plug
    • Removable diffuser
    • Rear centre position cable entry point fitted with cable grommet
    • Pre-punched slotted fixing points


    • Suitable for most common batten applications in a variety of buildings
    • Shallow fitting
    • Simple neat aesthetics
    • Reduces discomfort glare
    • Uniform light spread
    • Provides:
      • Comparable light output to T8 so is a one for one replacement
      • Makes energy savings of over 50%
      • Light output and colour is consistent over life
      • No maintenance cost for replacement tubes or access equipment
      • Provides compliance with current & foreseeable Building Regulation efficacy requirements

Applications Areas: 

  • Flats and apartments
  • Communal areas
  • Small kitchen or canteen areas
  • Reception areas
  • Stationery store rooms
  • Health centre waiting rooms
  • Car garage, shed or workshop
  • Utility rooms and work stations


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