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With the right retail lighting, you can create a compelling brand identity to engage and inspire shoppers. It can strengthen your brand and a recent study has shown that it can also increase the average spend per customer. Effective use of lighting is integral to the retail experience because light affects our moods and emotions, can evoke feelings and can help guide customers though a store. Lighting can help to break up a space if a mixture of light fixtures are used in different parts of the store, like the entrance versus the changing rooms. ROBUS have light fittings to suit all retail scenarios.  

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ROBUS fittings have been successfully installed in 40 countries for the past 34 years. Simple installation, significant energy savings and ‘fit and forget’ solutions are key for any application area and we have products to cater for all.

Shop Floors and Showrooms

The shop floor / showroom needs to look inviting. Lighting is often about visual appeal and much less focused on illumination. Light fittings play a huge role in this lighting as they need to be beautiful and decorative. Customers need to have enough light to feel comfortable in the store. If the lighting is too dim, the store looks dingy, making it difficult to read product labels and making customers uncomfortable. On the other hand, if the lighting is too bright it is also uncomfortable for customers. How many lights, and how bright they are, will depend on the size of your space. A large, warehouse style space with high ceilings will require lots of powerful lights since they will be hung fairly high up and need to illuminate a large area. A small store will require dimmer, less powerful lights in order to achieve the same level of lighting.

Highlighting Products or Displays

Draw a customers attention to specific products and give customers the sense that these products are important and noteworthy by using accent lighting. Accent lighting  is an excellent way to highlight seasonal products, to highlight specific products on shelves or in display nooks. It is also very effective in window displays since they visually emphasise products and help bring people into the store. 

Changing Rooms and Cash Desks

Customers need more light in a changing room than they do when browsing so they can accurately assess the fit and look of the items they are trying on. Cashiers also need extra light, so they can better see the tills and do their jobs more effectively. This tye of lighting is called Task Lighting. Task Lighting is also useful for highlighting store signage and the entrance area so that customers can clearly read a store’s name.

IGA Rossmoyne | ROBUS

IGA Rossmoyne | ROBUS
IGA Rossmoyne

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