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  • Hospitality & Tourism | ROBUS

Hospitality & Tourism

From restaurants to hotels, spas to sports halls, hospitality and tourism facilities are designed with the intent of transporting guests from the world of the ordinary to a special time and place. Really great hospitality lighting influences the mood of the guests. Designing lighting for hospitality projects is very demanding as there is so much to consider. Well-positioned lights encourage positive feelings, LED lights mimic natural daylight and lighting that adjusts at night allows for a more restful sleep. ROBUS offer LED lighting solutions for all situations. 

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  • ROBUS Lighting Solutions

ROBUS fittings have been successfully installed in 40 countries for the past 34 years. Simple installation, significant energy savings and ‘fit and forget’ solutions are key for any application area and we have products to cater for all.

Lighting Spas

Wall-mounted uplights, downlights, and bi-directional up-and-down lights are great for accenting décor and creating mood. Discreet recessed ceiling downlights can be directed onto the many specific features of a spa, such as plants, day beds and water features.

The colour temperature of light is also important in a spa. A normal wax candle is 1800K. A light fitting of this colour temperature will have a calming effect in a spa. Cooler lights (2700K) are also more suited to times of relaxation.  

Lighting Functions Rooms

A classic hospitality lighting problem is the illumination of tabletops in restaurants. Diners must be able to read menus and see their food, but not at the expense of atmosphere. Designers often spotlight each table, install a table lamp on the adjacent wall, or hang a pendant over the table. The choice requires thoughtful discussion with the people who will eventually operate and manage the restaurant.

Public spaces like conference and meeting rooms need different lighting too. White light for discussion and dim light for presentations. Task lighting with the white or warm white gradients of light output, mostly using the ceiling mounted fixtures such that minimum shadows can be created. Care needs to be taken that the entire room is illuminated, including the walls and ceiling.

In meeting and conference rooms, light needs to be variable, catering for a range of different activities. Create professionally equipped, versatile conference suites with pre-programmable lighting effects, made possible with DALI control systems.

Lighting Reception and Circulation Areas

The reception area should be well lit & illuminated. Hotel foyer lighting does not just include ceiling lights, but also lighting in and around the welcome desk, in the alcoves and seating areas.

Lighting Bedrooms

The right light gives a hotel room a bright and friendly atmosphere. The wrong light can ruin a nicely decorated room. Luxurious rooms with thick duvet covers and fine furniture can be presented in the best way possible.

Bedroom lighting should be layered so guests can transform their space into a comfortable, relaxed and even romantic environment. The room should not be too bright, so it is uncomfortable for guests, or so dim that people can’t see to get dressed or to groom themselves.

Getting ready for a big night out on the town is much more difficult if the light is poor. Even reading a good book can be challenging without enough lamp illumination. Guests might not consciously notice these shortcomings, but they will certainly notice the convenience of good lighting when they find accommodations that do provide it.

ROBUS Eternity - Ballyliffin Lodge and Spa
Ballyliffin Lodge & Spa

Hilton Hotel, Nottingham, UK

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