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Good office/workplace lighting is a matter of particular importance as it supports visual tasks and contributes to staff well-being. Today’s offices require commercial lighting solutions that can adapt to diverse skill sets and space needs. Companies are exploring new ways to enhance employee productivity and well-being. They want to achieve this while also focusing on energy savings, improved operational efficiency and space optimisation. ROBUS understand that every business is different and thus offer a wide range of commercial lighting options to suit these ever changing needs. 

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ROBUS fittings have been successfully installed in 40 countries for the past 34 years. Simple installation, significant energy savings and ‘fit and forget’ solutions are key for any application area and we have products to cater for all.

Private Office Lighting

Private office lighting needs to provide a consistent, pleasing quality of light around the desk area, with low contrast so that it doesn’t reflect off monitors and mobile devices. An ideal scenario will balance overall ambience without introducing glare and will include daylight for comfort as well as energy efficiency.

Open Plan Offices

Open offices are becoming increasingly popular. Areas are subdivided, often without physical walls and workspaces are reshaped to fit new tasks and different departmental functions. The choice of light fitting used in open plan office spaces helps to make work easier to see on computer screens and mobile devices by providing even, balanced, glare-free illumination. In an open plan office space there are also varying levels of natural light which needs to be taken into consideration when selecting light fittings. As in all office spaces, using more efficient office lighting such as higher-lumen task lighting will help reduce worker fatigue and decrease energy use. 

Meeting Rooms

Meeting rooms need flexible lighting to meet changing requirements. These multipurpose spaces need layers of light that can be easily controlled to create the right environment at the right time. Since conference rooms also provide opportunities to showcase a brand to customers, light fittings that make a statement, as well as providing high-quality light, are appropriate. Light Fittings for conference rooms also need to be energy efficient, and today’s solutions make that easier than ever.

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Motor Trades Association of Australia | ROBUS
Motor Trades Association of Australia

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