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Quintessential Equity, Canberra, Australia

ROBUS Energy Saving Case Study: Office, Corridor and Bathroom Lighting

Quintessential Equity, Canberra, Australia

Quintessential Equity purchased the building (located in Barton) in September 2017 and decided to replace the existing lights to LED fittings to reduce energy consumption and save electricity in the long term.

ROBUS light fittings were installed in the office areas, foyer, toilets and bike stand. ROBUS lighting controls were also used in the lighting design to maximize savings on energy consumption and electricity bills. The fittings have also provided a sleek and modern aesthetic to the existing building, which has drawn many positive comments from the tenants of the building.

Over 400 ROBUS fittings were installed in the building with the fit-out including SPACE LED Panels, MORPH LED Downlights, TAYLOR LED Downlights, SULTAN LED Battens and UNIVERSAL 360⁰ PIR Presence detectors.

Office Areas

ROBUS SPACE LED Panels were installed in the office areas along with ROBUS UNIVERSAL 360⁰ PIR Presence detectors to help maximize savings on energy consumption. The SPACE panels are an energy efficient replacement to the traditional T5 lay-in that was previously installed in the building. These panels fit into standard sizes of ceiling grid of 15mm-24mm and offer a low maintenance solution with an average lamp life of 50,000 hours (which is, on average, 5 times that of a standard fluorescent).

Complementing the SPACE panels are the ROBUS UNIVERSAL 360⁰ PIR which provide substantial energy savings by ensuring lighting comes on only when it is required but perhaps more importantly, it ensures lighting is switched off when the area is vacated. This sensor combines passive infra-red and photocell technology to switch lighting on when it detects movement of heat. Lighting is switched off once the area is vacated to minimize unwanted triggering and maximize energy savings.


ROBUS MORPH LED Downlights were chosen to light the foyer areas for their efficiency and comparable light output to metal halide downlights. Utilizing LM80 tested SMD LED, these fittings provide excellent energy savings and are very efficient with a rated LED life of 30,000 hours.  

The MORPH LED Downlight also comes with an in-line switch for selecting 4,000K, 5,000K or 6,5000K colour temperatures, which can be changed quickly and simply if the décor or use of the area is changed in the future.

Constructed from die-cast Aluminum, the MORPH is a slim fitting with can be installed in narrow ceiling voids and is IK08 impact rated so is durable and will not damage easily. The fitting’s polycarbonate diffuser reduces glare and provides excellent light uniformity.


The bathrooms were fitted out with the ROBUS TAYLOR LED Downlights and were chosen as they are a great option for retrofitting where existing holes need to be covered. High quality Nationstar SMD LEDs produce double the light output when compared to mains voltage halogen light sources while only drawing 9W of power. This equates to energy savings of over 80% when compared to halogen.

The TAYLOR Downlights are also CCT selectable with a rear-mounted switch allowing the user to choose between 3,000K, 4,000K or 6,500K with accurate colour reproduction. The fitting also has an intergral dimmable driver and is dimmable with C-Bus and Triac dimmer switches. Solid state technology means the TAYLOR emits very little heat and is compatible with PIR, photocell and microwave switching.

Bike Stands

The exterior bike stands required a weatherproof luminaire and the SULTAN LED Corrosion Proof Batten was the ideal solution for this area. Having a modern aesthetic, they offer similar mechanical performance to traditional corrosion proofs and provide significant energy savings and long service life without the high costs associated with traditional tube changes and labour.

Energy savings of around 50% are achieved with the high quality, surface mount LED technology and light output and colour is consistent over the life of the fitting. Being corrosion proof, the SULTAN is rugged but also boasts a slim design and is perfect when the user wants a less industrial appearance. Constructed from polycarbonate with grade 304 stainless steel diffuser clips, the SULTAN LED Batten will not crack, corrode or rust.

Energy Savings

Quintessential Equity can expect to make savings of at least 50% after making the decision to retrofit the existing, traditional lighting in their building to new, energy efficient ROBUS lighting.

About Quintessential Equity

Quintessential Equity deliver exceptional risk-mitigated returns to investors through existing newly constructed or regenerated buildings providing long-term stable income. Their focus is on strategically located commercial office and industrial property. The team’s collective knowledge and expertise in property, engineering and finance, supported by their network of outstanding partners, is integral to their success. They have a strong work ethic, deep understanding of current property markets and above all, a commitment to excellence.

At Quintessential Equity, they provide tenants with exceptional comfort conditions and service. Their tenant retention rate is industry leading and a significant contributor to high returns for investors.

The business made a strategic decision to change over from installing T5 Lights to LED within all their building regeneration works. Numerous manufacturers and light fittings were researched but the result was a partnership with ROBUS whereby ROBUS products would be installed in refurbishment works where applicable.

Replacement Lamps

Energy savings of over 80% when compared to halogen


Quintessential Equity can expect to make savings of at least 50%
  • When we made the strategic decision to change over from installing T5 Lights to LED within all our building regeneration works we researched numerous manufactures and light fittings. The outcome was a partnership with ROBUS to install all their products in our refurbishment works where applicable. They provided the best technical and customer support out of all the manufactures supplying the Canberra Region. The fittings have provided a new sleek and modern look to all of our refurbishment works. We have received many positive comments from our leasing agents and new tenants since making the change to ROBUS. If you’re in the market for new fittings I would highly recommend giving them a call.

    – Brendon Smith, Project Manager for Quintessential Equity Pty Ltd

ROBUS Customers

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