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APC Group Trading, Australia

ROBUS Energy Saving Case Study: Complete Retrofit

APC Group Trading, Australia

APC Group replaced all their existing fluorescent and halogen lighting in their Western Australia manufacturing facilities with ROBUS LED lighting, which made their employees happier in their work environment.

APC Group Trading is a proud, Australian owned business and is one of Australia's leading manufacturers in office storage systems and warehouse storage solutions. Their custom warehouse storage solutions include pallet racking, industrial racking, raised storage areas, cantilever racking, storage shelving systems and storage cages.

The Managing Director of APC Group, Ian Mc Donald initially met ROBUS Exports Sales Director, Derek Slein spontaneously on a flight to Perth where they discussed the advantages of LED lighting as opposed to older technologies. Based on this conversation, APC Group decided to begin replacing all their existing fluorescent and halogen lighting in their Western Australia manufacturing facilities with ROBUS LED lighting.

APC’s commitment to ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’ is an integral part of how they do business. Therefore, it is no surprise that they wanted to upgrade their lighting to make their employees happier in their work environment. Westcal Electrical helped APC Group select various external and internal ROBUS LED energy efficient light fittings to replace all their old luminaries.

APC Group installed 402 ROBUS LED light fittings throughout their outdoor areas, offices, storage/communal areas and their warehouse. The following ROBUS fittings were installed in the above areas: COSMIC LED Flood lights, OHIO LED Bulkheads, SPACE LED Panels, TAYLOR LED 9W CCT3 Downlights, DUKE LED Batten, SULTAN LED Corrosion Proof and the DISK LED Highbay.             

External Lighting          

The ROBUS COSMIC LED flood lights are an attractive solution for illuminating a variety of outdoor areas. Multiple ROBUS COSMIC fittings were fitted outside the manufacturing facilities to ensure even light was distributed over the main external doors and material racks. The ROBUS COSMIC fitting is ideal for installation in large open areas due to its wide beam angle. These fittings can also save you up to 50% in energy costs.  

Office Lighting

ROBUS SPACE LED panels were installed throughout the office areas in APC Group. ROBUS SPACE LED panels fit into standard ceiling grid sizes. With ROBUS SPACE LED panels you are guaranteed a fast return on investment with up to 50% energy savings that reduces carbon footprint and running costs.

The ROBUS TAYLOR 9W CCT3 downlight is the natural evolution of the IMPACT range which allows the installer to choose the Colour Temperature (CCT). The TAYLOR nearly doubles the light output of a traditional halogen which means less fittings are needed, saving you time and money. With an LED life span of 30,000 hours, the TAYLOR 9W CCT3 is a hassle-free solution in comparison to traditional lamps which require constant maintenance and lamp replacements. ROBUS TAYLOR were installed in the APC Groups boardroom.

Storage Lighting

The ROBUS DUKE LED batten is a strong, durable and robust batten that provides piece of mind. The DUKE is not easily damaged because it is made from a highly protective powder coated pressed steel. APC Group installed the ROBUS DUKE LED battens in their storerooms and staff room as you can see below.

Warehouse Lighting

The ROBUS SULTAN LED corrosion proof fittings were chosen for the undercover loading areas with different ceiling heights and angles. The SULTAN was selected due to its versatility and as it distributes even light at any angle. APG Group installed these vertically and horizontally across the ceilings and over shutter doors.

The ROBUS DISK LED highbay was strategically fitted onto angled ceilings allowing APC Group to focus light onto their stock racks and work areas. The ROBUS DISK LED gives out fantastic illumination in warehouse and manufacturing areas as it’s the perfect solution for high, medium or low ceiling heights. The DISK also comes with a 5 year warranty.

Toilet and Changing Room Lighting

ROBUS OHIO LED bulkheads offer great light output for areas such as these, at very low running costs. The OHIO is available in black or white, oval or circular shapes and comes with a 3-year warranty!

Energy Savings

Since replacing their old light fittings with brand new ROBUS LED light fittings, APC Group can expect to make large savings on their lighting electricity bills, while also reducing their carbon footprint.

This retrofit has reduced APC Group's power consumption by over 50%!

Reduced Energy Costs

Power Consumption reduced by of over 50%
  • We are very satisfied with the new ROBUS LED Lighting and the service we received was excellent. The whole experience was painless! Ryan Muir was always available to assist when additional lighting and facilitation was required. Ryan and his team arranged the supply of all lighting and the installation thereof. The offices are now very well lit, and the warehouses have never been illuminated better. Our staff are very happy with the transformation from the old high bay halogens to the new LEDs. At night, the security lighting ensures our properties are as bright as day!

    – Shaun Williams, APC Group Trading, Australia

Quintessential Equity, Canberra, Australia

ROBUS Energy Saving Case Study: Office, Corridor and Bathroom Lighting

Quintessential Equity, Canberra, Australia

Quintessential Equity purchased the building (located in Barton) in September 2017 and decided to replace the existing lights to LED fittings to reduce energy consumption and save electricity in the long term.

ROBUS light fittings were installed in the office areas, foyer, toilets and bike stand. ROBUS lighting controls were also used in the lighting design to maximize savings on energy consumption and electricity bills. The fittings have also provided a sleek and modern aesthetic to the existing building, which has drawn many positive comments from the tenants of the building.

Over 400 ROBUS fittings were installed in the building with the fit-out including SPACE LED Panels, MORPH LED Downlights, TAYLOR LED Downlights, SULTAN LED Battens and UNIVERSAL 360⁰ PIR Presence detectors.

Office Areas

ROBUS SPACE LED Panels were installed in the office areas along with ROBUS UNIVERSAL 360⁰ PIR Presence detectors to help maximize savings on energy consumption. The SPACE panels are an energy efficient replacement to the traditional T5 lay-in that was previously installed in the building. These panels fit into standard sizes of ceiling grid of 15mm-24mm and offer a low maintenance solution with an average lamp life of 50,000 hours (which is, on average, 5 times that of a standard fluorescent).

Complementing the SPACE panels are the ROBUS UNIVERSAL 360⁰ PIR which provide substantial energy savings by ensuring lighting comes on only when it is required but perhaps more importantly, it ensures lighting is switched off when the area is vacated. This sensor combines passive infra-red and photocell technology to switch lighting on when it detects movement of heat. Lighting is switched off once the area is vacated to minimize unwanted triggering and maximize energy savings.


ROBUS MORPH LED Downlights were chosen to light the foyer areas for their efficiency and comparable light output to metal halide downlights. Utilizing LM80 tested SMD LED, these fittings provide excellent energy savings and are very efficient with a rated LED life of 30,000 hours.  

The MORPH LED Downlight also comes with an in-line switch for selecting 4,000K, 5,000K or 6,5000K colour temperatures, which can be changed quickly and simply if the décor or use of the area is changed in the future.

Constructed from die-cast Aluminum, the MORPH is a slim fitting with can be installed in narrow ceiling voids and is IK08 impact rated so is durable and will not damage easily. The fitting’s polycarbonate diffuser reduces glare and provides excellent light uniformity.


The bathrooms were fitted out with the ROBUS TAYLOR LED Downlights and were chosen as they are a great option for retrofitting where existing holes need to be covered. High quality Nationstar SMD LEDs produce double the light output when compared to mains voltage halogen light sources while only drawing 9W of power. This equates to energy savings of over 80% when compared to halogen.

The TAYLOR Downlights are also CCT selectable with a rear-mounted switch allowing the user to choose between 3,000K, 4,000K or 6,500K with accurate colour reproduction. The fitting also has an intergral dimmable driver and is dimmable with C-Bus and Triac dimmer switches. Solid state technology means the TAYLOR emits very little heat and is compatible with PIR, photocell and microwave switching.

Bike Stands

The exterior bike stands required a weatherproof luminaire and the SULTAN LED Corrosion Proof Batten was the ideal solution for this area. Having a modern aesthetic, they offer similar mechanical performance to traditional corrosion proofs and provide significant energy savings and long service life without the high costs associated with traditional tube changes and labour.

Energy savings of around 50% are achieved with the high quality, surface mount LED technology and light output and colour is consistent over the life of the fitting. Being corrosion proof, the SULTAN is rugged but also boasts a slim design and is perfect when the user wants a less industrial appearance. Constructed from polycarbonate with grade 304 stainless steel diffuser clips, the SULTAN LED Batten will not crack, corrode or rust.

Energy Savings

Quintessential Equity can expect to make savings of at least 50% after making the decision to retrofit the existing, traditional lighting in their building to new, energy efficient ROBUS lighting.

About Quintessential Equity

Quintessential Equity deliver exceptional risk-mitigated returns to investors through existing newly constructed or regenerated buildings providing long-term stable income. Their focus is on strategically located commercial office and industrial property. The team’s collective knowledge and expertise in property, engineering and finance, supported by their network of outstanding partners, is integral to their success. They have a strong work ethic, deep understanding of current property markets and above all, a commitment to excellence.

At Quintessential Equity, they provide tenants with exceptional comfort conditions and service. Their tenant retention rate is industry leading and a significant contributor to high returns for investors.

The business made a strategic decision to change over from installing T5 Lights to LED within all their building regeneration works. Numerous manufacturers and light fittings were researched but the result was a partnership with ROBUS whereby ROBUS products would be installed in refurbishment works where applicable.

Replacement Lamps

Energy savings of over 80% when compared to halogen


Quintessential Equity can expect to make savings of at least 50%
  • When we made the strategic decision to change over from installing T5 Lights to LED within all our building regeneration works we researched numerous manufactures and light fittings. The outcome was a partnership with ROBUS to install all their products in our refurbishment works where applicable. They provided the best technical and customer support out of all the manufactures supplying the Canberra Region. The fittings have provided a new sleek and modern look to all of our refurbishment works. We have received many positive comments from our leasing agents and new tenants since making the change to ROBUS. If you’re in the market for new fittings I would highly recommend giving them a call.

    – Brendon Smith, Project Manager for Quintessential Equity Pty Ltd

Penguin Composites, Tasmania

ROBUS Energy Saving Case Study: Production Area Lighting

Penguin Composites, Tasmania

ROBUS SONIC LED Highbays were chosen to replace approximately 100 x 400W Mercury Vapor Lights on the factory floor. Consideration was given to the competitive pricing and great performance of the ROBUS SONIC LED Highbays which, when compared to traditional Metal Halides, reduce energy costs by around 50%. The option to pair with the ROBUS Daylight Harvest Sensor was another big positive for ROBUS and this installation as it further reduces energy consumption by taking the natural light of the area into account.

Energy consumption for the business has already been reduced significantly with consumption in August down from 716 KW/H to 415 KW/H. In dollar values, this equates to a reduction of $2019 on last year’s power bill.

Factory Floor

ROBUS SONIC LED Highbays were installed on the manufacturing floor to replace previously installed 400W Mercury Vapor Lights. The overarching goal of the client was to reduce costs on power bills thus ROBUS Daylight Harvest Sensors were installed alongside the SONIC Highbays to maximize energy savings.

The SONIC Highbays are an energy efficient alternative to traditional Metal Halide light sources that also provide modern aesthetics with an IP65 that allows installation in many diverse environments without fear of being easily broken or damaged. The body is constructed from die cast aluminum (finished with a black powder coat spray) which is rust proof, strong and durable.  These fittings are a low maintenance solution, which last up to 5 times longer than Metal Halide alternatives without the need of lamp changes or the costs for labour or equipment associated with doing so.

The real drawcard of the ROBUS SONIC LED Highbay for this project was its high quality 1-10 VDC dimmable constant current driver, which allows for dimming (with most 1-10V systems) and switching by PIR, Microwave or Photocell. More importantly, it means it can be paired with the ROBUS Daylight Harvest Sensor to provide further reductions in energy consumption as was done in this installation.

This multi-function Microwave sensors primary function is to save energy by considering the natural light of an area and only adding as much additive light as required to attain a set point lux level. Parameters can be easily set using a 16 channel rotating wheel that allows for setting of detection sensitivity, target light level, standby light level and more. In this project, as natural light was available on the factory floor, the Daylight Harvest Sensor has been set to instruct the SONIC Highbay to only add as much artificial light as is required to reach the set lux level. The ROBUS Daylight Harvest sensor is also IP65 rated with a polycarbonate construction allowing for installation in wet or dusty environments and perfect for use in large, industrial buildings.  

Energy Savings

Penguin Composites has already seen remarkable savings since making the switch to ROBUS LED lighting solutions a reduction of around 42% on kilowatt consumption and approximately 30% of their total energy bill which has the business on track to generate a positive return on their investment. 

About Penguin Composites

Penguin Composites is a Tasmanian manufacturer of fiberglass and composite products to suit a wide range of applications for clients in the industrial, commercial, marine and recreational vehicle markets. Established in 1976, the business has grown in the last ten years with the acquisition of Islander Campers of Devonport and new production equipment to increase productivity and achieve manufacturing goals. The company has a workshop and office space of 3500 square meters over two sites totaling two hectares with separate facilities for RV assembly, metal workshops, fibre glassing and panel manufacturing.

Previous projects have included the manufacturing of Igloos for IceWall One in Antarctica as well as developing an innovative solution for stainless steel exhausts and heat shields that reduce the incidence of accidental fires in coal mines.

Penguin Composites also strive to be a business and community leader, which is demonstrated by their partnerships with UTAS (University of Tasmania), Tasmanian Chamber of Commerce & Industry and Composites Australia. The decision to switch to LED lighting was as much about reducing operating costs as well as mitigating energy consumption and their carbon footprint.

Reduced Energy Costs

$2019 per year

Replacement Lamps

A reduction of around 42% on kilowatt consumption

Total Savings

A reduction of approximately 30% of their total energy bill
  • Penguin Composites replaced approximately 100 x 400 watt Mercury vapour lights with 90 x 100 watt LED lights (which seem brighter) plus a number of daylight sensors. The savings represented approximately 30% of our energy bills, which produced a positive cash flow result each month over the investment repayment period. This advice and light selection came from our energy advisor as the most effective energy investment action for our business.

    - John van der Woude, CEO of Penguin Composites

Penguin Composites | ROBUS Penguin Composites | ROBUS Penguin Composites | ROBUS Penguin Composites | ROBUS Penguin Composites | ROBUS Penguin Composites | ROBUS Penguin Composites | ROBUS Penguin Composites | ROBUS Penguin Composites | ROBUS Penguin Composites | ROBUS
St. Joseph’s Chapel, UK

ROBUS Energy Saving Case Study: Church Lighting

St. Joseph’s Chapel, UK

The ROBUS COSMIC range of floodlights are extremely popular for exterior projects including sign illumination and wall washing. In this instance, they have been used as part of the interior lighting at St. Joseph’s Chapel. The ROBUS COSMIC range suited this environment as they are low profile and discreet in comparison to the 100W metal halide floodlights that they replaced.  

As you can see from the below before and after images, the difference is outstanding! The pre-drilled mounting bracket with 180° adjustable angle fills the whole upper space with light and highlights the scope and intricate detail of the ceiling.

The ROBUS COSMIC has a 5-year warranty, which brings peace of mind for all.

  • The ROBUS COSMIC 100W LED flood lights were recommended to me by Edmundson’s Electrical. The ROBUS lighting installed is excellent!

    - Richard Frampton, R. Frampton Heating Ltd

ROBUS COSMIC LED - St Joseph's Chapel, UK ROBUS COSMIC LED - St Joseph's Chapel, UK
Fiat Scala, Noirt, France

ROBUS Energy Saving Case Study: Car Showroom Lighting

Fiat Scala, Noirt, France

YESSS Electricals client FIAT Scala Niort revamped their premises in France by extending and adding a brand-new showroom. As the ceiling in the new showroom is very high and they wanted to make sure each car was showcased in the best light possible, they chose the ROBUS Morph 50W and Wilson 35W for the room.

The Morph LED CCT3 selectable lets the customer switch the colour temperature and is also dimmable, which helps to create the right ambience for their showroom. The Wilson has an adjustable tilt of 60° and swivel of 350° which allows the customer to focus light on each car model, highlighting their stunning features and finishes. They are delighted with the results.

By choosing these particular ROBUS fittings, FIAT Scala Niort can expect energy savings of up to €10,000 over a 5-year period, working out at up to €2,000 per annum. All calculations are based on 12-hour day use, 6 days a week and 51 weeks out of the year. A staggering difference in energy consumption, maintenance and cost.

Total Savings


Payback Period

1 year


Savings based on operational costs supplied at time of installation.
  • We chose to work with ROBUS over other lighting suppliers due to the characteristics of the product, price, warranty, ease of installation and the fast pace in which they do business. Our rep Germain was helpful. He quickly achieved two different lighting designs, so the client could decide with an idea of the result. He also came along to see the result. We are very satisfied.

    The Agency Yesss Electrical Niort

ROBUS Morph and Wilson LED - FIAT Scala, Noirt, France ROBUS Morph and Wilson LED - FIAT Scala, Noirt, France ROBUS Morph and Wilson LED - FIAT Scala, Noirt, France ROBUS Morph and Wilson LED - FIAT Scala, Noirt, France
Ross Hall Hospital, Glasgow

ROBUS Energy Saving Case Study: Car Park Lighting

Ross Hall Hospital, Glasgow

Ross Hall Hospital in Glasgow needed to upgrade the lighting in their carpark to help improve security and night-time visibility in the exterior carpark. The ROBUS STREEX LED Streetlight was chosen for superior light output, minimum glare and a robust, sleek and modern design. 

The ROBUS STREEX combination of high quality LEDs and optimal driver control delivers a superior light output whilst providing an environmental saving of 3.43 carbon tonnes. 

ROBUS STREEX LED Streetlights were used to replace the previously used SON streetlights. For the entire project, a minimum saving of £3,070 in energy costs at today's prices have been calculated over the minimum life expectancy of the new LED lighting system after payback of less than one year.  

Total Savings


Payback Period

Less than one year


3.43 Carbon Tonnes saved per year
  • The new ROBUS lighting in the car park is literally the difference between day and night compared to our old discharge lighting. We are delighted with the amount of light the new ROBUS STREEX LED lighting gives out – ensuring the safety of our staff and visitors at night which is of paramount importance to us.

    - Andrew Young, BMI Healthcare

ROBUS Streex Ross Hall Hospital Glasgow Case Study 1 ROBUS Streex Ross Hall Hospital Glasgow Case Study 2 ROBUS Streex Ross Hall Hospital Glasgow Case Study 3 ROBUS Streex Ross Hall Hospital Glasgow Case Study 4
Rangers F.C. Glasgow, Scotland

ROBUS Energy Saving Case Study: Stadium Lighting

Rangers F.C. Glasgow, Scotland

Rangers Football Club wanted to save costs whilst improving the quality of stand lighting in Ibrox Stadium for the health and safety of their patrons. The ROBUS DISK Highbay was chosen because of the quality of the product, it's excellent lighting output and value, resulting in significant installation and energy saving costs. 

ROBUS DISK Highbays were used in the stands throughout the grounds replacing standard metal halide highbays saving up to 3.43 carbon tonnes per year. This will deliver energy savings of £2,330 per year. The payback as a result of these savings is 1.8 years. 

Total Savings


Payback Period

1.8 years


3.43 Carbon Tonnes saved per year
  • As one of the largest football stadiums in the UK with a seating capacity of over 50,000 supporters, we strive to ensure the lighting in the stand is first class. The stadium is partly covered so there must be sufficient lighting to allow our patrons to move around safely. The ROBUS DISK highbay is the perfect LED solution, not only is the light output excellent but we also reap massive energy savings while reducing our carbon footprint.

    - Steven Cochrane, Electrician

Emirates Spinnaker Tower, Portsmouth, UK

ROBUS Energy Saving Case Study: Emergency Lighting for Stairwell

Emirates Spinnaker Tower, Portsmouth, UK

The owners at Emirates Spinnaker Tower wanted to find an LED product that would provide adequate light in the stairwell and also act as emergency lighting in the event of power failure. The ROBUS VULCAN was the ideal solution because of the wide diversity in the range. VULCAN LED Corrosion proof products are robust, with a 5-year warranty and they are simple and easy to install. 

Emergency VULCANs were used in the stairwells of the tower replacing standard fluorescent fittings saving up to 4.22 carbon tonnes. 

These fittings will deliver energy savings of £1,500 per year. The fitting will pay for themselves in energy savings in 2.8 years. 

Total Savings


Payback Period

2.8 years


4.22 Carbon Tonnes saved per year
  • Emirates Spinnaker Tower is renowned for its lighting - we take pride in choosing the perfect lighting both inside and outside the tower. There are various types of lighting at the tower from Feature lighting to Show lighting - but Emergency lighting for our staff and visitors if the most important. We chose the ROBUS VULCAN Emergency fittings throughout the stairwell, not only for their reliability in the event of a power failure but also for ease of installation and less maintenance, so they tick all the boxes.

    - Bernie Walsh, Technical Manager EST

ROBUS Vulcan in Emirates Spinnaker Tower Stairwell ROBUS Vulcan in Emirates Spinnaker Tower Stairwell
Grant Thornton, Dublin

ROBUS Energy Saving Case Study: Office Lighting

Grant Thornton, Dublin

Grant Thornton required an energy saving upgrade for their office lighting, so LED lighting was the best solution. They also wanted to avail of the SEAI grant aid known as Accelerated Capital Allowance (ACA) which is a tax incentive for companies paying corporation tax. It aims to encourage investment in energy-efficient equipment such as Triple E Rated lighting which ROBUS can offer. Not only does the SPACE Panel qualify for the ACA specification list but it was chosen based on its high lumen output and 5-year warranty.

110 x ROBUS SPACE LED Panels 600x600mm were installed throughout the Grant Thornton offices giving them an extended lamp lifespan of 50,000 hours, up to 5 times more than a standard fluorescent. 

The above fittings installed to result in total savings of €30,303 per year in a payback period of 1.6 years, with zero maintenance or replacements costs.

Total Savings


Payback Period

1.6 years


Savings based on operational costs supplied at time of installation.
  • We are absolutely delighted with our new ROBUS LED SPACE panels which have provided very impressive cost savings to Grant Thornton. The panels generate a wonderful daylight effect in our offices, unlike the older versions which were so yellow in comparison. Since they don’t need any dusting or cleaning, we look forward to many years of maintenance-free natural effect LED lighting!

ROBUS SPACE LED Panels Grant Thornton Dublin
Welsh Millenium Center, Cardiff, Wales

ROBUS Energy Saving Case Study: LED Panel Installation

Welsh Millenium Center, Cardiff, Wales

Will Cubbit (Welsh Millenium Center) wanted lighting solutions that would not only save energy but also save on needless maintenance costs. 

31 x ROBUS SPACE 32W LED Panels were installed throughout the residential centre at Welsh Millenium Center. 

The above fittings will save 2,961 kWhrs per year. Projected savings are approximately €1,820 per year with a payback period of just over 1 year, also saving 1.61 carbon tonnes per year.  

Total Savings


Payback Period

Just over 1 year

Reduced Energy Costs

1.61 Carbon Tonnes saved per year
  • The Urdd City Sleepover is Urdd Gobaith Cymru’s newest residential centre situated in Wales Millennium Centre, at the heart of Cardiff Bay. Each year, 10,000 children come and stay for short and week-long breaks. During this time, they will create performances; join workshops run by other arts residents and present work to the public- so you can imagine how important lighting is for us here not just for safety but to enhance creativity. We are extremely pleased with the new ROBUS lighting recently installed in Urdd City Sleepover, each area has a great sense of natural light now- including lounges, corridors, dining halls, meeting rooms and classrooms. Energy savings are an added bonus as well as the maintenance savings over a long period of time - which means we have more funds to invest back into the centre which benefits the children.

    - Will Cubbit, WMC

ROBUS SPACE LED Panels Welsh Millenium Center Cardiff ROBUS SPACE LED Panels Welsh Millenium Center Cardiff
Warwickshire College, Rugby Centre, England

ROBUS Energy Saving Case Study: College & Stairwell Lighting

Warwickshire College, Rugby Centre, England

Installing high-efficiency lighting was a key focus For Warwickshire College when building their new Rugby Centre. They were faced with installation problems when it came to light the stairwell. The stairwell is a metal frame construction with limited options regarding the installation of conventional light fittings. The decision to use ROBUS Panels as a wall mounted fitting provided a solution to this installation problem. 

36  x panels were installed on the stairwell. Warwickshire College has achieved significant improvements in their resource efficiencies by implementing a comprehensive range of energy saving initiatives. 36 standard and emergency panels were installed throughout the stairway. The ROBUS Panels have a low heat output allowing them to be wall mounted and are also safe to touch, therefore no height restrictions apply.

Based on the overall installation of 420 ROBUS LED Panels being in operation 12 hours a day, 7 days a week, 50 weeks out of the year, this results in 4,200 hours energy saved per year in comparison to traditional light sources. They can also expect minimum savings of £1,054 per 1.95 years. 

Total Savings


Payback Period

1.95 years

Reduced Energy Costs

50% Energy Savings
  • The University has indicated that by using ROBUS Panels the projected saving will be at least 50% as well as a reduction in ongoing maintenance costs.

ROBUS LED Panels Warwickshire College ROBUS LED Panels Warwickshire College ROBUS LED Panels Warwickshire College ROBUS LED Panels Warwickshire College

ROBUS Customers

We’d love to hear how we’ve made a difference to your business

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